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AP Calculus Exam Review

Today we are five weeks from the AP Calculus Exam, slated for Monday May 13, 2024 at 8:00 am.

Let me share a few of my ideas for a self-directed student review to help our students focus, in preparation for this BIG DAY!  It is important that students understand the expectations of this intense practice period.  I like to remind them that everyone learns in a variety of methods, some prefer to work in groups, while others prefer to work alone.  Students should be encouraged to keep a list of what they need to work on, so that they can better prepare for the exam.

I have created a single-page AP Calculus EXAM REVIEW document that contains clickable links and QR Codes for content specific study tools and AP Practice Video links. You will also find a review schedule for the next five-weeks with recommended topics and concepts. If you are new to teaching this AP course, the schedule may give you some direction to prepare your own class review sessions.

Here are some of my ideas that I have used in the past where students create a 4th Quarter Portfolio:

1. Take Home Multiple Choice Questions
2. Free Response Focus TopicsTeaching Calculus Blog (Lin McMullin)
3. Provide In Class Topics – Target Practice
4. Hold a MOCK AP EXAM Practice Session
5. Host Saturday Review Sessions

You can read about my Student Portfolio approach here.

Another fun approach to review is the week long Digital Escape Room for the AP Calculus AB Topics:

Just begin, the possibilities for review are neverending. Flamingo Math and all our team wishes you great success!