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Hooray! and hats off to each of you courageous “teacher warriors” that survived the inaugural year of AP Precalculus! I have been cheering for your moments of victory right along beside you. The APPC FRQ question sets were released Wednesday afternoon. You can download those blank copies for you and your students here. Knowing the task models for each question stem from College Board was a great help in our review sessions. As expected, each FRQ was planned to represent the task

FRQ #1: Function concepts
FRQ #2: Modeling a non-periodic function in context
FRQ #3: Modeling a periodic function in context
FRQ #4: Symbolic function manipulations

While the official scoring guidelines won’t be released until later this year, I am providing my “first efforts” at the solution sets for you here. Please let me know if you find any “errant thinking” on my part. Here’s to wishing you a summer of relaxation and happy planning for the Fall 2024 school year.