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Did I hear a YES? No worries, I’m here to help!

Writing and sharing curriculum for your honors mathematics student has been my passion for over 20 years. My products are differentiated, teacher-tested, and proven to be educationally-sound by brain-based research (Tomlinson, 1999).  If you are pressed for time, teaching a new course for the first time, or just need to bring some pizzazz into your tried-and-true lessons, I have just what you are looking for with great value and minimal prep time. I’m very excited to share my full line of curriculum products with you and your students.


I know a flamingo can do little in the computational world of mathematics.  However, I’ve always fancied these graceful creatures and the whimsical art that has an almost cult following surrounding them. But, to be honest, FLA–MI–NGO is an acronym for my life as an educator.  First, I’m a Florida native (FLA) and I began my teaching career in 1995 on Merritt Island (MI).  By the way, Merritt Island, FL is the location of Kennedy Space Center or Cape Canaveral, as we used to say back in 1965, when I first moved there. Having moved to Lakeland, FL, in 1999, I found myself moving again, in 2005.  This time to Orlando, FL, or as my acronym goes . . . Now Greater Orlando (NGO). Here was the birth of my new venture FLA-MI-NGO MATH!