Would you like some free math resources to use tomorrow?

A Sneak Peek at Solutions for the 2022 AP Calculus AB FRQ’s

This opportunity only comes along once each year. That chance to challenge our teacher brain, with working out the solutions to the free response questions for the AP Calculus AB Exam.  College Board® allows access to the questions two days after our students sit for the exam.

If you haven’t tried to answer the questions for yourself, you can access this year’s AB questions here.  I like to save my first responses for possible errors in my work. If I find a mistake, they make way for good classroom discussion for Find My Error Math Talks. You might be familiar with Tony Record’s Find the Error practice sets from Avon High School You can find his work on Teachers Pay Teachers, and in the AP Calc TEACHERS – AB/BC Facebook Group.

The official Scoring Guidelines will be released in the late summer after the AP Exams are scored. In the meantime, I am offering my work for review and criticism here.  If you see any errors, don’t hesitate to contact me at jean@flamingomath.com .