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Zap-Zowie-Zing! Review Game


If you have a desire to create excitement and competition in your classroom, ZAP-ZOWIE-ZING! may be the game for you and your students. I got the inspiration for this game when my grandson was trying to explain the “ZAP Review” game that he played in his last week of middle school. I could hear the excitement in his voice explaining all the details, which meant engagement and class participation would be heightened.

His teacher used 3×5 cards on a poster board for ZAPPING other teams. I created a set of 4 different SMART Board ® Game Boards using the Digital Ink feature with the creative pens. The best part of this review game is that it can be used with any set of 16 questions, and the best and brightest students may or may not win! Here’s a video preview of one of the game boards.

I have already created my first set of review cards. This particular 16-question activity is a team format, the task cards are presented on an interactive white board with questions related to Functions and Graphs. 

To play the game, one team is assigned the first prompt. If everyone on the team has the correct work and solution, they are awarded 10 points and earn a trip to the ZAP-ZOWIE-ZING Game Board. The other teams earn 5 points for correct work and solutions. At the end of each round, the team assigned to the question is given a chance to Zap or Zing other teams, or earn a ZOWIE by erasing a Magic Ink Card from the SMART Board GAME Board.  This leads to some very exciting class interaction.

Set-up and game playing:

1.  You need a set of 16 review cards with an answer key. 

2.  Divide your class into teams of 4 – 6 students each.

3.  It is easy to play using individual whiteboards, but will work with paper and pencil if you want to collect the work at the end.

4.  You need a score page, there is a chart on the last slide of this game board file.

5.  Assign problem #1 to one of your groups. They will be awarded 10 points if everyone in the group gets the correct answer.  Set a time limit to help them focus.

6.  If the group is correct they will have a chance to erase any Zap-Zowie-Zing card on the game board.  Be sure they choose the erase tool.

7.  All other teams are awarded 5 points if team members have the correct answers and supporting work.

8. Complete the Zap-Zowie-Zing task at the end of round 1.

9. Assign problem #2 to the next group, and repeat steps 5-8 until all cards are completed.

What is your favorite review game for your students? I’d love to hear about it! Why do your students love to play it?