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U-Substitution Break Out Room for Google


This is a digital activity that is designed to help your AP Calculus students review key concepts related to the techniques of integration and u-substitution.


⭐⭐U-Substitution Digital Break Out Room:

Your AP Calculus students will have 5 Break-Out Rooms, containing 4 questions in each room, related to techniques of integration and u-substitution.⭐⭐

There are a wide variety of questions that include the following tasks:

Slide 1: Review Chain Rule

Slide 2: Given the derivative f(x), find F(x)

Slide 3: Guess and check easy indefinite integrals

Slide 4: Easy U-Substitution of indefinite integrals

Slide 5: Given a U-Substitution, write an equivalent definite integral.


Solutions will be found on the “Answer Choice” Bank in each Break-Out Room. Students will record the four-letter code on a separate Google Form in order to advance to the next room. When the activity is complete, a Congratulations Page will be displayed. A student recording sheet is provided to support accountability, as well as an answer key and complete solution set.

This is a fun approach to review Integration techniques before the end of the unit on Integration or to review for the AP Exam.

✅ This resource includes:

  • 7 Google Slides with Break Out Rooms and student directions
  • Google Form to submit Break-out Codes for validation
  • Student Recording Sheet to support answers
  • Teacher Preparation and instructions
  • Answer key with detailed steps


NOTE: This activity contains either large wide-screen Google Slides for ease in viewing, or as a smaller size image in a single Google Forms activity.

✅ Options for using this resource:

Students will get practice solving integrals that need u-substitution. They can work individually or cooperatively. The entire 20 question set can be assigned as a homework or review assignment. You might also want to use this as a plan for your substitute or as a review assignment!


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