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Differentiation Activities and Assessments Bundle



AP Calculus Differentiation Activities and Assessments

Differentiation – Calculus Activities and Assessments Bundle:

Your AP Calculus or dual-enrollment students will have cooperative activities and assessments covering the topics and concepts for Differentiation – Basic Derivatives. Teachers also have the benefit of full solution sets and the current Topics, Learning Objectives, and Essential Knowledge for the Fall 2019 AP Calculus ® CED Binder updates.

Mini Assignments:

☑ Differentiability and Continuity

☑ Draw the Derivative

☑ GNAW on AROC and IROC – Piecewise Functions

Free Response and Short Answer Assessments:

☑ Differentiation Quiz Review

☑ Differentiation Quiz – Forms A & B

☑ Differentiation Mid-Unit Quiz – Forms A & B

☑ Differentiation Mid-Unit Test Review

☑ Differentiation Mid-Unit Test – Forms A & B

☑ Differentiation End-Unit Quiz – Forms A & B

AP Style Assessments:

☑ AP Style Review

☑ AP Style Mid-Unit Quiz #1 – Forms A & B

☑ AP Style Mid-Unit Quiz #2 – Forms A & B

☑ AP Style End-Unit Test – Forms A & B

Cooperative Activities:

☑ Definition of Derivatives Match-Up Activity

☑ Differentiability and Continuity Stations Activity

☑ My Derivative Flip Book

☑ Toothpicks on a Tangent Line

There is an editable quiz and free response/short answer test, plus an AP Style Review to help you meet your student’s needs, minimize your prep time, and offer a variety of assessment instruments.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me by email at: jean@flamingomath.com 


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