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PreCalculus Course: Scope and Sequence



PreCalculus Course: Scope and Sequence Freebie

Are you looking for a PreCalculus Honors Curriculum scope and sequence? What about a full year pacing guide for your PreCalculus Honors class? This curriculum map will help you plan and pace your course and includes the concepts and topics to be covered for your high school students.


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You are welcome to use this overview to create your own syllabus or scope and sequence document, but please read and follow the terms of use on page 1.

This scope and sequence document includes recommendations of timing for each unit in a 40-50 minute class setting, the standards, basic concepts, skills and learning objectives covered in each unit of study. There are 154 instructional and assessment days which provides you with more resources than you can possibly use in a school year.


What teachers are saying about this curriculum:

  • “Worth every penny! The curriculum that you have assembled is like none other because it is so robust. I feel like I am learning how to teach pre-cal all over again except this time it is funner.”


  • “Bought this and the calculus bundle. Worth its weight in gold. Love the videos and assortment of resources in addition to the notes, homework, and assessments. Do not hesitate to purchase!”


  • “I have used Jean’s AP Calculus AB curriculum for the past 5 years with success, so when I was given honors precalc, I knew I needed her curriculum for it. I also have her honors Alg 2 curriculum which I will be using again next school year. It is very rigorous, prepares the students so well for college level classes, and the kids love the organization of the notes. I am so happy I pushed for this curriculum and will demand its continued use every year.”


  • “This bundle is amazing. It has everything I need to make class run smoothly in person and online! Thank you so much!”


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