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Polar Graphs Digital Match-Up Activity


⭐⭐This GOOGLE SLIDES DIGITAL resource provides you with 8 Polar Curve Graphs related to topics and concepts covered in your unit on Polar Graphs.⭐⭐


⭐⭐This GOOGLE SLIDES DIGITAL resource provides you with 8 Polar Curve Graphs related to topics and concepts covered in your unit on Polar Graphs.⭐⭐

There are 40 cards in the set. The 8 graph cards have a corresponding equation card, domain and extrema card, rates of change on an interval card, and a unique behavior and distance from the origin card. A student recording sheet is also included for sharing their answer key with you.

You will also have a paper version of cut-and-paste if students are absent. Students have the ability to answer the question prompts by using the Google Slides and a student recording sheet option to email the responses directly to you through your learning management system.


✎ Identify the type of polar curve.

✎ Write the equation for the polar graph.

✎ Find average rate of change for the appropriate domain on a given interval.

✎ Find the appropriate domain for a given polar curve.

✎ Describe how the function is increasing/decreasing on an interval.

✎ Explain whether the function distance is moving closer to the origin or farther away from the origin.


✅ What is included in this resource?

✎ 11 Google Slides for Drag-and-Drop Digital matching activity.

✎ A paper-and-pencil copy of the activity in a cut-and-paste format

✎ Teacher Instructions and answer key.


Note: You and your students must have access to the Internet and will need a free Google account to access the activity. The activity can be shared with students through Google Classroom, email, or a secure classroom website.


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