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PreCalculus Curriculum plus SMART Board



PreCalculus Curriculum Bundle is a complete set of Guided Notes, homework, and daily content quizzes for your PreCalculus students. Teachers also have the benefit of full solution sets.

What is included in each daily lesson?

⭐ Guided Student Notes

⭐ Fully-editable SMART Board® Slides

⭐ Homework/Practice assignment

⭐ Daily Content Quiz (warm-up, exit ticket, or homework check)

⭐ Video Lesson Link for Distance Learning – Flipped Classroom models

⭐ Full solution set





GUIDED NOTES FORMAT with Lesson Videos:

Each unit is organized and aligned to meet the needs for your PreCalculus Honors or Pre-AP PreCalculus standards. Guided Notes promote active engagement as an interactive tool. There are also Video Lesson links added to help you with your distance learning needs.


Each lesson topic includes an alternative to textbook homework assignments, with an emphasis on the topics and skills needed for honors level and  pre-AP Style questioning techniques. Whatever your needs, you will find practice for each lesson in the unit.



You can use the daily quiz for a homework check, a warm-up activity after the lesson has been taught, or an exit ticket. There are four different forms.


Each fully-editable SMART Board lesson is a skeleton copy of the student’s GUIDED NOTES.  Teachers can use the presentation in a variety of ways.


Every unit includes two forms of a Mid-Unit Quiz and two forms of an end-unit test which are free response types of assessments.  Some units will have both calculator active and calculator inactive portions that can be completed in a 50-minute class period.  The answer keys are included for all materials.  There is also one editable quiz and one editable test to help you meet your assessment needs.


You will have a Mid-Term (Semester) Exam and Review plus a Final Exam and Review. These are editable multiple choice type assessments.

You will have a sample pacing guide and a cover document for each unit to use in your teacher binder, plus editable pacing guides.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me by email at: jean@dreamsites.io


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