AB Calculus Essentials


AP Calculus Essentials Plus Assessments Bundle is a complete set of Guided Notes, homework, and daily content quizzes, plus assessments and review assignments for your AP Calculus students. Teachers also have the benefit of full solution sets and the current Topics, Learning Objectives, and Essential Knowledge for the Fall 2019 AP Calculus ® CED Binder updates.


Each unit is organized and aligned to AP College Board® standards. There is ample space for writing and recording knowledge in this format. Guided Notes promote active engagement as an interactive tool.


Each lesson topic includes an alternative to textbook homework assignments, with an emphasis on the AP Exam and questioning techniques. Whatever your needs, you will find practice for each lesson in the unit.


You can use the daily quiz for a homework check, a warm-up activity after the lesson has been taught, or an exit ticket. There are four different forms.


Every unit includes two forms of a mid-unit quiz and two forms of an end-unit test along with review assignments to help you and your students prepare for assessments. There is an editable quiz and free response/short answer test, plus an editable AP Style Review and AP Style Test to help you meet your student’s needs, minimize your prep time, and offer a variety of assessment instruments.

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