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College Algebra Essentials and Assessments



College Algebra Essentials Assessments and Lesson Videos Bundle:

This is a bundle of resources for teaching COLLEGE ALGEBRA in a semester. The resource of ESSENTIALS includes Guided Notes, Homework, Daily Content Quizzes and assessments for students enrolled in College Algebra or Dual Enrollment. You will find more than enough instructional content to create a unique College Algebra course that will meet your district, state, and school requirements.

What is included in this resource?

⭐ Guided Student Notes

⭐ Homework/Practice assignment

⭐ Daily Content Quiz (warm-up, exit ticket, or homework check)

⭐ Video Lesson Link for Distance Learning – Flipped Classroom models

⭐ Full solution sets

What units are included in this resource?

⭐ Unit 1: Functions and Graphs

⭐ Unit 2: Polynomial, Power and Rational Functions

⭐ Unit 3: Exponential, Logistic, and Logarithmic Functions

⭐ Unit 4: Systems of Equations and Matrices

⭐ Unit 5: Conic Sections and Analytic Geometry

⭐ Unit 6: Sequences & Series Discrete Mathematics

GUIDED NOTES with Lesson Videos:

If you like your students to stay focused, having a set of Guided Notes for delivering lesson content makes instructional time carefree. It’s also a great way to meet individual student needs.


Teachers can use these short daily lesson quizzes in a variety of ways. Warm ups, Exit tickets, groups, and homework quizzes.

NOTE: There are no digital or paperless lessons in this product.


Every unit includes an editable version of a quiz, a free response/short answer test and a multiple-choice test, to help you meet your student’s needs, minimize your prep time, and offer a variety of assessment instruments. Each unit will have two forms of every assessment available in *PDF format. There are also review assignments to help you and your students prepare for assessments.

⭐ Mid-unit quizzes (two forms)

⭐ End unit tests (two forms)

⭐ Review assignments for test preparation

⭐ One editable quiz and test for every unit

⭐ Editable Pacing Guides or homework assignment sheets

⭐ Editable Learning Goals

If you have any questions or comments please contact me by email at: jean@flamingomath.com


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