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Algebra 3 Curriculum



Every lesson is presented with a set of Guided Student Notes, a rigorous homework assignment, mid-unit quizzes, end-unit review and assessments, including editable versions, and an editable pacing guide.  All items include full solutions.

You will find everything you need to differentiate instruction for the topics and concepts in a Full Year Algebra 3, Integrated Math 3, or On-Level PreCalculus Course at the secondary level.


The full year curriculum product is organized into eight units, aligned to South Carolina Standards and CCSS. Guided Notes promote active engagement as an interactive tool with ample space for writing and recording knowledge.


Each lesson topic includes an alternative to textbook homework assignments, with an emphasis on rigor to cover concepts and learning objectives in depth. Whatever your teaching needs, you will find practice for every lesson in the units of study.


You can use the daily quiz for a homework check, a warm-up activity after the lesson has been taught, or an exit ticket.


Each unit will contain two forms of a mid-unit quiz, two forms of an end-unit test in free response format, and two forms of an end-unit multiple choice test.  The answer keys are included for all materials. There are also editable versions in MS Word® for each assessment to help you meet your personal needs.

LICENSING TERMS:  This purchase incudes single transferable license.  This means the license is for one teacher only.  The license can be reassigned to another teacher in the event of leave, turnover, or other special cases.  This transferable license is only available for purchase by schools or districts.  Be sure to purchase the number of licenses during checkout that corresponds to the number of teachers who will be using the resource each year.


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