AP Calculus BC Curriculum


This is an AP CALCULUS BC CURRICULUM MEGA BUNDLE for students enrolled in AP CALCULUS BC, or CALCULUS 2. The lessons and presentations are aligned to College Board® AP Standards and the new CED Binder.

The lessons cover only the topics specific to AP Calculus BC.

What is included in each unit lesson:

✎ A set of Guided Notes which is a full-sheet skeleton format of the lesson.

✎ A fully-editable SMART Board® presentation that matches the set of Guided Notes

✎ A rigorous homework assignment

✎ A short content quizzes (2 forms per concept).

Each unit includes:

✎ Unit review assignments

✎ mid-unit and end-unit assessments (2 forms)

✎ AP-Style assessments ( 2 forms)

There is also be one editable quiz and one editable test in Microsoft Word® format to help you meet your individual needs. All keys are full solution sets.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me by email at: jean@flamingomath.com