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Turkey Showdown!

Thanksgiving? Already? Really! It’s still 87° in Orlando, Florida. How can I think about Thanksgiving when I want to go to the beach one last time?

I just realized my students will be gone for a week after this coming Friday! I’m running around like a turkey myself today. Scrambling to get something fun for them to do! I just thought I would share my plans.

My students love to work cooperatively and they also love task cards. So, I combined a Thanksgiving-themed review of 30 task cards for the last day before break.  I also made two blank cards for you if you would like to challenge your students with some questions about extrema or curve sketching. It’s sure to be a fun-filled day of math in my room this Friday!

There are a variety of questions all related to first and second quarter. The topics covered include limits, discontinuities, definition of derivative, equations of a tangent line and normal line, related rates, derivatives of polynomial, rational, and transcendental functions, as well as inverse trig derivatives.  Lots of good practice to keep up the skills.
You can see the preview in my store: http://tinyurl.com/nq6qsgs
Have a blessed and safe holiday!

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