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Algebra 2 Course: Scope and Sequence



Algebra 2 Course: Scope and Sequence Freebie

Are you looking for an Algebra 2 Curriculum scope and sequence? What about a full year pacing guide for your Algebra 2 Honors class? This curriculum map will help you plan and pace your course and includes the concepts and topics that need to be covered in 13 units. You can design your ideal course to meet your district or state standards.

Want to have all of your planning DONE for your whole year? Get everything you need with one of my Algebra 2 Curriculum Resources. You can choose between the MEGA Bundle the BIG Bundle or the BASIC Bundle to meet your teaching needs.


You are welcome to use this overview to create your own syllabus or scope and sequence document, but please read and follow the terms of use on page 1.

This scope and sequence document includes recommendations of timing for each unit in a 40-50 minute class setting, the standards, basic concepts, skills and learning objectives covered in each unit of study. There are 205 instructional and assessment days which provides you with more resources than you can possibly use in a school year.


What teachers are saying about this curriculum:

  • “I am amazed at how much is included in this bundle and even more amazed at the quality of each item in the bundle. The level of difficulty and variety of activities is perfect for my Honors Algebra II classes.”


  • “This is saving me a lot of planning time since we don’t have textbooks. “


  • “I like the format and the sequencing of this product. The rigor is good and my students are being challenged. They would not have been if I had to use our current textbook!”


  • “Perfect for my Algebra 2 students. I love how the guided notes are structured – perfect mix of practice and application.”


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