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Math Mondays: Pi Day

Well, epic Pi Day 3.14.1:59 has come and gone, but this year holds almost as much excitement for mathematicians around the globe. We will celebrate 3.14.16 with almost as much fanfare as last year. A few of my math besties are planning a blog hop in honor of this favored day.  I rounded up a few of my old items, dusted them off, created a few new ones, and bundled them together for the festivities.

Be sure to check out all of the blogs below. I’m sure they will have fun things for you to ponder.  The Exploratorium  will be celebrating their 28th annual Pi Day. You can read a Brief History of Pi  on their site.
Then, you might like to see a Star Trek re-run of Dr. Spock, as he and Captain Kirk use mathematics to foil the evil entity that has overtaken the computer on board the Starship Enterprise.

Do you know how long it takes to recite the digits of pi for a world record? You might be amazed at the facts. There is a Pi World Ranking website dedicated to the facts.

If you would like a few activities to celebrate the day, you should check out my Circular Sudoko, or Pi Day Word Search, and Internet Scavenger Hunt in my bundle of product in my store. There is also a small poster and a sheet of labels that can be run on self-adhesive address labels to hand out to your students as a reminder of this famous transcendental number.


I would love to hear how you are going to celebrate the day with your students.  Don’t forget to check the other blogs for great ideas. Happy Pi Day to you all!

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