Would you like some free math resources to use tomorrow?


What’s in store for you and your Pre-Calculus learners?


You won’t be disappointed in any of the value-filled lesson items.
Each lesson product comes with the following:

  1. Two options of a Bound-Book-Style Foldable®
  2. A set of Guided Student Notes
  3. A fully-editable SMART Board® presentation file
  4. Two forms of a daily quiz which can be finished in about 10 minutes
  5. A comprehensive homework assignment
  6. A full solutions document for each item in the product



You know how students can tune out if the routine gets monotonous? Never let that happen in your classroom.  Your Pre-Calculus students will love working through Station Activities, Scavenger Hunts, Task-Cards, and Sort and Match Activities.  Many of the activities have QR Code options, as well. And, I’m creating new items all the time, including those for GOOGLE CLASSROOM or MICROSOFT ONE DRIVE.


Everyone loves a bargain! You will find the following bundle options for PreCalculus:

  • Homework Only Bundles which include the Daily Quizzes and homework assignments for the entire unit of study.
  • Foldables Only Bundles include two options of the daily lesson with the solutions for each lesson.
  • SMART Board Only Bundles include the fully-editable SmartBoard Presentation and the complete solutions.  If you want a little more freedom in your planning and presentation, this is a time-saver.
  • Quiz-Review-Test Only Bundles will provide you with every cooperative activity created for the unit, two forms of a mid-unit quiz, an end-unit review assignment, two forms of an end-unit assessment, and often extra items that have been created to help students master the content of the course.
  • Full Unit Bundle is the best value of all.  Get every item created for the bundle all in one download at 20% – 30% off retail price.


You will also find a Mid-Year Review with two versions of a Semester Exam, as well as, an End-Year Review with two versions of a Final Exam.

With over 200 days of instructional materials available you can plan, engage, and teach your students knowing that the needs of your department, district, state, or national standards are being covered.